EFTPOS Integration Options

The following details different EFTPOS integrations on offer to Impos customers.


Tyro is an Australian bank, and a provider of EFTPOS devices and services. Tyro is the preferred method of EFTPOS integration with Impos.

There are no transaction limits, lock-in contracts, set-up costs, admin or break fees, and payments can be made from all major EFTPOS, credit and debit cards with Tyro.

Tyro has three methods of operation; integration with Pay@Table, integration with a push integration, or running stand-alone. 

All integrations with Tyro and Impos come free of charge. Terminal rental starts at $29 per month. 

PC EFTPOS - including an integrated printer

This is the standard EFTPOS communication protocol used by all Australian banks. A setup by Impos is required, at a cost of $250 per pin pad device. The pin pad must have its own integrated printer.

PC EFTPOS is the leading supplier of integrated EFTPOS payment solutions in Australia. Together Impos and PC EFTPOS bring a range of venues integrated point of sale and payment solutions.

When you engage PC EFTPOS you will receive a pin pad from your bank. The sales information is transmitted from the point of sale system to the pin pad via either USB, wireless, or serial connection. This is designed to avoid user error on the merchant terminal and streamline so users only have to key sales total in once.

The software requires the operating system of Windows 7 as a minimum to support PC EFTPOS. The minimum Impos software that supports the PC EFTPOS software is version 4.24.16.

Integration with PC EFTPOS terminals without an on-board printer is not supported by Impos. 

Please call 1300 780 268 if you have any questions regarding our EFTPOS integrations. 


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