PC EFTPOS - Integrated Credit Card Payment

What is PC EFTPOS?

PC EFTPOS is a software that allows for sales information to be passed directly from ImPOS Front Office directly to your merchant EFT terminal. This is designed to avoid user error on the merchant terminal and streamline service. 

How does this software work?

ImPOS Database connects to the merchant terminal via the PC EFTPOS software. This bridging software is installed by ImPOS and eventually authorised by the merchant or PC EFTPOS.

What are the system requirements for PC EFTPOS?

The software requires the OS of Windows 7 as a minimum to support PC EFTPOS.

What steps does my venue take to utilise PC EFTPOS?

  1. Contact ImPOS and ensure that your system meets the requirements to support the PC EFTPOS integration. At this point ImPOS will install the software on your system.
  2. Contact your Merchant Provider and advise them that you will be using the PC EFTPOS integration.
  3. Fill out the necessary paperwork provided by the merchant provider. You may require hardware information about your system to fill this out.
  4. Once the bank has the information it needs it will send the appropriate pin pads to your venue. Make sure you specify if you are going to need these to print EFT receipts.
  5. Once these arrive you can contact PC EFTPOS or the merchant (this depends on your provider) and they will configure this to receive payments and activate the pin pad.
  6. Contact ImPOS to finalise testing and configuration for the POS. Please allow 48 hours to book for this.


Will I be able to give cash out with PC EFTPOS?

Yes. We do advise installing a merchant terminal with printing capabilities.

Will I be able to use this integration wirelessly?

The PC EFTPOS integrated unit must be attached to the POS at all times to work. The merchant terminals may work via Bluetooth that is connected to a cradle. These cradles will be connected to the POS terminal at all times.

What sort of merchant terminal should I get?

To see what is available from PC Eftpos click here



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