Terminal System Information

This is the information that appears in the thin grey bar underneath the Menu Grid. It's important to note that some of this information are actually buttons that can be turned on and off.

Station – Displays the terminal number i.e. POS 1, POS 2, etc. For a standalone system, such as this one, Default station is the terminal name.

Receipt – Shows the current status of the receipt printer. In the Off mode, tax invoices are not printed automatically at the end of each transaction. This is to save thermal paper at the receipt printer. When the printer function is set to ON, an invoice will be printed after every transaction.

If there is a receipt printing after each transaction, this button may have been turned on.

Surcharge: Off/On – Displays the current status of the station surcharging. In the Off mode, no surcharge amount is added to the bill. Toggling to the On mode, a predefined surcharge (percentage of the total bill – i.e. 10%) is added to the total of every transaction. This function is useful on public holidays, etc. where the cost of goods rises to a premium.

Price – Shows the current price set in operation. Every item in ImPOS has 3 price sets. While only 1 is required, an item with 2 or more set up can have scheduled price changes at set times. A common example of this is Happy Hour at a bar. Drinks on Tuesdays between 5:00pm and 7:00pm have a discount, and the system changes these prices accordingly, governed by rules entered via the back office software.

Price: Normal means the default price set 1 is in operation.

Time – Displays current date and time. This information is gained from the operating system of the terminal.

Holding Feature

In some circumstances it is required that an order be held back until everyone on the table has placed their order e.g. Bistro style service. The holding feature will hold the order for being printed.

In order to enable the order holding feature, click the Hold (off) at the Order Information screen.

See our tutorial about usinng the Hold Feature.

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