Cash In/Cash Out

These features work with your float in and float out functions. Please make sure that you are confident with how to access this information to assist you to balance. You can look at our full tutorial on reconciling your tills here.

Cash In

The cash in function allows for cash money to be paid into the cash drawer. Along with entering the amount to cash in, a note can accompany the cash in for reporting purposes.

In order to perform a cash in transaction, enter the amount via the number pad and touch the cash in button.

Touch the keyboard icon and type the reason for the cash in, then press OK. A receipt of the cash in will print out of the receipt printer with the reason attached. The cash drawer will open to accept the cash.

Cash Out

The cash out function is the reverse operation to the cash in. Cash outs are generally performed to pay for deliveries of goods. As with the cash in function, a note can be accompanied with the cash out for reporting purposes.

To perform a cash out transaction, enter the amount to pay out of the cash drawer via the number pad, and then touch the cash out button.

Cash In/Cash Out Reasons

If you have regular cause to add or take cash from your float, you can pre-configure reasons to save tying for each deposit or withdrawal. See our article in Back Office on this.


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