Refund and Change Payment

Using the refund button should (hopefully) be used sparingly. In this article you'll be taken through the process for refunding a whole bill. However, the change payment feature that is housed within the Refund Fucntion is something that you may use more regularly. This will amend any payments that have been processed with the incorrect payment method.

There are 2 functionalities of the Refund button:

  1. To refund bill amounts.
  2. To change the payment option. Change payment allows for a method of payment for a finalised bill to be changed in the event that the wrong method of payment was initially selected. This has a higher likelihood of occurring when the wrong credit card type was selected on the first instance for settling a bill, such as Visa instead of Master Card. The change payment option allows the correct method of payment to be selected, so that the balance with the EFTPOS terminal can be achieved.

To refund a bill, select the start and end date to run the search. The today’s date is listed by default. 

Note: for multi payment transactions (more than one method of payment to finalise the bill,) all methods of payments will be refunded, with confirmation windows show each payment method.Note: refunded items are not returned into stock on hand, as in hospitality, it is assumed refunded items go to waste.

Note: any bills refunded from previous day’s trade may require reports to be reprinted, to reflect the newly refunded bills.

The Change payment option as stated earlier, allows for methods of payment to be changed for previously finalised transactions. To change payments select a bill in the same way as the example above, then touch the Change Payment button. A new window pops up, with other methods of payment to choose from.

Refund Item

There is a Refund Item Function that can be accessed from the search criteria in menu design by navigating to Functions.

This will refund the Item selected in the order grid. As with the above refund feature, it will assume that the stock has been disposed of and the funds returned to the customer.

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