Number Pad And Quick Pay

The main function of the number pad is the main input interface especially for order quantity and seat numbers as described previously. The other function of the number pad is to finalise bill payments via Cash.  

Cash transactions can be finalised by one of three methods:

Paying with a correct cash amount
Paying with manually entering the amount
Paying with the quick cash buttons.

The Cash button situated in the bottom right hand corner of the screen is to be used to cash the bill off. If this button is pressed while items are in the data grid, it will finalise those items to a Cash method of payment.

Cashing off items will cause unsent items to be sent (print jobs sent to respective printers,) and will finalise that order. This is the same wether the order in the data grid saved to a TAB TABLE or ORDER NUMBER. Tables will be cleared (turn green in colour) and changed back to an idle state. Order numbers are cleared from the recall list and Tabs will be removed.

To finalise a sale with the correct cash amount, simply touch the Cash button when the order is in the data grid. This will add the sale amount to the cash in drawer total, and assume no change is given.

Note: This method can be used if the correct cash amount isn’t given, however it is up to the user to ensure the correct cash change is issued.

To cash off an order with the correct cash amount, simply touch the cash button. A pop up window will show that the bill has been cashed off with no change.

Press OK to perform another transaction on the ImPOS terminal or Re-print to print a copy tax invoice.

To finalise a cash transaction by entering the cash amount, firstly enter the amount of cash given by the patron via the Number Pad. Then, select the cash button to finalise the transaction as a cash transaction. With this method, the change of cash is displayed to the user (See Figure 38) .

The quick cash buttons located to the left of the number pad can be used when a common cash denomination is issued to pay for a bill. The quick buttons negate the need to enter the amount and then cash off the transaction. Those two steps have been incorporated into one button press, resulting in faster transactions.

To finalise a bill with a $50.00 note, simply press the $50 quick cash button. A pop up will show the change amount.

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