Customer-facing Screens - Coming Soon

Impos has developed the ability for a point of sale terminal or tablet to display the product cart and company advertising on an attached screen for customer viewing.

This can be used for order verification along with advertising fixed or rotating images.

In order to enable this functionality, you’ll first need to be upgraded to version 6 or above. To check which version you’re using, press the ‘Info’ button on the login screen to see the version number. If you require an upgrade, please call support on 1300 780 268 to arrange this.


Once you’re on the latest version of the software and have purchased an additional display screen from Impos, we can start with the setup.

Each POS terminal can be paired with one customer display; the Impos technical team can help set this up. Upon setup completion, an additional icon will appear on the POS screen. Use this icon to open the customer display on any secondary connected screen.


The customer display will operate without any customisations, displaying a standard splash screen when the product cart is empty, or there is no transaction active.


Once a transaction has begun, the customer display will show order information along with the contents in the cart.

Front Office cart contents:


Customer display:


You’ll notice that the ‘very weak’ modifier in the product cart does not appear on the customer display. This is because the modifier is set to not ‘print on check’.

Discounts of all kinds (check and item level discounts) will be totalled and summarised in the ‘Order Discount’ section.

Once the transaction is finalised the customer display screen is cleared and returns to the standard splash screen.

To customise the interface and behaviour of the customer display, open Back Office, and select ‘Configure Customer Display’ from the POS functions dropdown.


Within this view you can determine which images are available in the system in ‘General Settings’, and determine what images each POS displays in the ‘Terminal Settings’.

To add new images to your Customer Display library, head to General Settings and select ‘New Item’, then press the […] button to find files on the local computer.


Once an item is selected, a preview of the image will be displayed. The Image can be renamed for your own identification purposes. Once completed, press ‘Save New’ and the image will be added to the general library.

All POS terminals will display all images by default. To assign only selected images to a POS terminal, select the ‘Terminal Settings’ tab, and select the POS terminal from the drop-down list. From here, you’ll be able to determine which images are displayed next to the product cart in the ‘Select Terminal Display Images’ check box. You can also select which image appears on the standby screen in the ‘Terminal Standby Image’ section. The duration of the image display can be set by altering the ‘Terminal Cycle’ setting. If no selections are made, the POS terminal will return to the default settings.

In order to close the customer display, you’ll need to add another function to the menu design. The function name is “Close Customer display”. 


The customer display must be closed and re-opened to refresh the image selection and configuration.


Can I have more than one image in the product cart but different images on the standby screen?

Unfortunately not, only images in the product card selection can be used as standby images.

Can I attach any screen to by POS terminal?

Yes, each computer can only have one customer display attached at any time, however other screens can be used.

Do the images have to be on each POS terminal?

No the images only need to be on the server.

Can I play videos on my customer display?

Not yet, but stay tuned

What image formats are accepted?

BMP, JPG and PNG images types are accepted.


If you have any questions please give Impos Support a call on 1300 780 268. 


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