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If your POS terminal is in a high traffic area, or you have a staff member who doesn’t sign off after printing a bill, the Impos system can now set the POS terminal to log out after a certain amount of inactivity. Once this occurs, the transaction that is on the screen is cancelled (nothing is saved, and nothing will print out) and the user is logged out.

This functionality is enabled on a per POS basis, ensuring that your speed of service is increased on your waiter station terminals, but your bar/cashier terminals can remain unaffected.

In order to enable this functionality, you’ll first need to be upgraded to version 6 or above. To check which version you’re using, press the ‘Info’ button on the login screen to see the version number. If you require an upgrade, please call support on 1300 780 268 to arrange this.


Once upgraded you’ll need to make one alteration to your POS terminals. In Impos Back Office, head to the ‘POS Functions’ drop down, and select ‘Configure Station Setting’.


Here, you’ll be able to select which POS terminal automatically logs out. Do this by selecting the station from the list on the left and then entering a figure into the ‘Auto Logout’ field. This represents the number of minutes the POS will be inactive for until it logs out. If you would prefer the terminal not log out automatically, leave this field as 0.


Once this change has been made, Front Office will automatically log out.


I’ve processed a partial payment, but then the POS terminal automatically logged out, will that payment be saved?

Any function that operates as a ‘commit’ in Impos will be saved if it has been processed before the Auto-Logout. ‘Commit’ functions include:

  • Full, partial or split payments and check deposits
  • The ‘Send Only’ function that commits the transaction but does not log out
  • Transfer items and merge tables

I had some new items in the product cart when it logged out, where do I find these items?

These transactions aren’t saved anywhere; the POS system is simply processing a ‘Cancel’, which can loosely be translated to, “forget that I ever opened this transaction”. The items in the cart at the time of logout are not recorded as voids.

If you have any questions please give Impos Support a call on 1300 780 268. 

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