Stock Arrival with Purchase orders

Stock Arrival with Purchase orders

  • Inventory
  • Purchase Orders


  • Each purchase order carries a status.
    • Those which have been generated, but NOT printed or Saved to file are classed as new orders
    • Those which have been printed are classed as Orders Sent
    • Those which have ORDER CONFIRMED checked are classed as Order Confirmed
  • To receive a purchase order which has been sent to a supplier, Select Orders Sent from the pull down box Status.
  • Please note that the orders viewed in this window can be filtered by supplier, reference, date or status.
  • Select the purchase order to arrive by single clicking on the order, and the using the Stock Arrival button.


  • The stock arrival functionality requires information to be entered. These include
    • Date: The date the invoice was generated
    • Ref No: The invoice number generated by the supplier
    • The supplier Invoice total: Includes all taxes and Freight
    • At this stage you can choose to enter each line item either Inc or Ex GST by the toggle box in the Enter Cost box.

  • In the stock arrival window, you can enter the amount of units supplied, as well as the line total either ex or inc GST as selected by the toggle box. This will in turn adjust the Unit cost.
  • Any additional freight costs can be entered at this stage in the Freight (ex) box.
  • To add additional items in the stock arrival window, simply double click on the reserve item window (smaller stock listing in the top left of the screen).
  • To remove items from the stock arrival, select the line item and press “Remove current selected item”, please note this won’t remove the item from the stock system, simply from this order. Any items removed from the stock arrival will appear in a “partially received” purchase order.
  • You can enter items by “Units” (also known as Inners) or enter items by “Order Units” (also known as outers)
  • Once the line items are completed and the freight entered, press Submit to arrive the stock. The Supplier invoice amount and the Stock arrival total (calculated by the system) must match exactly in order to accept the invoice.
  • Once submitted, your current stock holding, and stock costs will be updated accordingly.


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